Griffith urges newly promoted officers to do their country proud

Commissioner of police Gary Griffith has urged newly promoted officers of the first and second division of the TTPS to make their country proud.

Mr Griffith made the statements during the promotion ceremony held at the   Solomon McLeod Lecture Theatre, Police Administration Building on October 10th.

Commissioner Griffith said much is expected of the officers by society, stating that he believes the newly promoted officers will play a significant role in the transformation and modernization of the organisation, which he expects to take place swiftly over the next year. 

The promotions were witnessed by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Administration, Erla Christopher, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Ag.) Crime and Support, Harold Phillip, and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Ag.) Operations, Sharon Blake-Clarke, who congratulated the officers after they were presented with their letters of promotion by the Commissioner Griffith. DCP (Ag.) 

Christopher chaired the promotion ceremony, where one officer was promoted to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police, one to the rank of Superintendent of Police, three to the rank of Inspector of Police, eight to the rank of Sergeant and two to the rank of Corporal. 

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