Guardian photographer attacked while attempting to take photos of A&V compound

Guardian photographer Kristian De Silva is this evening seeking medical care and has filed a report with police, after being attacked while trying to take photos of the A&V Oil and Gas compound in Penal.

De Silva said he and report Sascha Wilson had gone to the compound to follow-up on the latest developments involving A&V Oil and Gas.


While on Nazim Avenue he was attempting to take photographs for the Trinidad Guardian newspaper, when a man approached him in a pick-up vehicle.

De Silva said the driver of the vehicle drive straight at him in what appeared to be an attempt to hit him.

He said a man then came out of the vehicle and hit him in his face, injuring his mouth in the process.

De Silva said another man then hit him across the side of his face.

The impact of the blows caused De Silva's eye-glasses to fall, following which one of the men stamped on it.

His news camera was also badly damaged in the attack.

De Silva said he identified himself as a Trinidad Guardian photographer but said one of the men reacted in an abusive manner, accusing him of being on private property.

De Silva said he had earlier verified with a security guard that the roadway, where he was standing, was not private property. 

A clearly traumatised De Silva sought medical attention at the Penal Health Facility before making a report to the police.

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