Gunmen pin down cops in Laventille gunfire

Officers of the Port-of-Spain Task Force had to be rescued by their colleagues on Wednesday night after coming under heavy gunfire at Picton Road in Laventille.

A video which recorded the sound of the shooting at Dan Kelly, Laventille is was shared on social media and forms part of the police investigation into the incident.

Senior officers said officers of the Port-of-Spain Task Force was on patrol and were “pinned down under heavy gunfire.”

Officers called for assistance and officers of the Inter-Agency Task Force responded.

In the video, the rapid exchange of gunfire could be heard in the dead of night. Some of the explosion came from high-powered weapons, police said.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Radcliffe Boxhill said yesterday that the matter was “a serious situation and we have to take appropriate action.”

“When the police go out there in some places there is a proliferation of firearms. This action took place in a residential area and we have to be mindful as to how we respond,” he said.

Boxhill said the TTPS intends for their response to be measured with whoever was responsible.

“We will be looking seriously at it. I got the report this morning and action will be taken. No officers were injured in that situation,” he said.

TTPS Public Information Officer Cpl Michael Jackman said the source of the video was under investigation.

Source: (Camille Clarke)

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