Guns, drugs and ammunition seized

Monday, February 22, 2016 - 20:00

Three men have been held and a quantity of drugs, guns and ammunition seized in various areas as police conducted overnight anti-crime operations.

In Princes Town, shortly after 5pm on Monday officers of the Criminal Investigation Department and the Court and Process Unit conducted an exercise in a teak field at Lengua road, when they observed two men acting suspiciously.

The men are said to have run off on seeing police. According to reports, the officers gave chase and held the men.

They were searched, and a quantity of cocaine and marijuana was found on both men.

Officers also seized a firearm and several rounds of ammunition.

In a separate incident shortly after 9pm officers of the Central Division Task Force and Operations Unit were on mobile patrol along Dass trace, Enterprise when they observed a Nissan Tiida being driven at a fast rate. Police reports say the officers gave chase and observed someone throwing a metal object out a window.

The man was held and on searching the bushy area, police found a semi-automatic rifle and three rounds of ammunition.

And sometime later officers went to a house in Longdenville where they seized a revolver and six rounds of ammunition. No one was arrested.