Guyana court rules no-confidence motion stands

Guyana's Chief Justice (ag), Roxane George has ruled that the December 21 vote by Government back-bencher Charrandass Persaud in a no-confidence motion, was valid.

According to the acting Chief Justice, the Speaker Dr Barton Scotland found that motion was carried by majority of 33-32.

She noted that the validity of motion was not doubted when it was carried on December 21.

Moreover, she noted that when concerns were raised subsequently after and advanced before Speaker Scotland, he stood by the carried motion and digressed to the court for interpretation.

In her ruling the CJ said that in Guyana’s 65 member National Assembly a majority is 33.

As such the CJ acting posited that the no-confidence motion was validly carried.

She outlined that the President and the Ministers cannot, therefore, remain in Government in accordance with Articles 106 (6) and 106 (7) respectively.

It would mean that early elections, for all intents and purposes, are supposed to be held within the 90 days stipulated by the constitution unless the political parties in Parliament agree by a two-thirds majority to extend the life of that lawmaking body. 

Persaud has since flown out to Canada, under the protection of that country’s government and has been expelled by the Alliance For Change (AFC), the small faction of the Coalition Government.


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