Health Ministry: Children's Life Fund Authority working with family of Sheenece Jackson

The Ministry of Health is expressing concern over media reports on the request for grant funding from the Children’s Life Fund, for Sheenece Jackson.

A statement by the ministry says that it empathizes with the family at this difficult time and is reassuring the public that the Children's Life Fund Authority (CLFA) is in constant contact with the parents of Sheenece Jackson as they urgently seek a relative or other volunteer who is a willing, compatible and suitable donor.

"It must be noted that surgery is not being denied and the CLFA will continue to work with the family as they seek an appropriate volunteer donor. Unfortunately, to date, the family has only been able to source incompatible or unsuitable donors," the statement said.

It added that there can be increased risks associated with performing this surgery without a suitable donor.

"Further, hospitals have not expressed willingness to perform this procedure given the lack of a compatible, suitable donor. The CLFA continues to make every effort to find a reputable hospital which is willing to perform the surgery under these conditions," the statement said.

It added that the ministry reaffirms its commitment to fairness in the provision of grants for all our children who need life-saving surgery abroad and qualify under the Children’s Life Fund Act.

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