Health ministry ramps up HIV awareness

The Ministry of Health is ramping up its messaging about HIV and Aids prevention and reduction this Carnival season.

Prevention Coordinator at the health ministry’s HIV Unit, Keitha Kennedy, reports that most of the 11,000 people living with HIV in this country are in the 15 to 49 years age group, the peak period of work productivity and sexual reproductivity.

She also points out that the majority of those living with the disease are men. 

The health ministry official says there is extra emphasis on men in their messaging this Carnival, as they call on men to be more responsible with their sexual behaviour and for their HIV status.

Kennedy says one key message the ministry is sharing, is about being faithful to one partner and reducing the number of sexual partners you have.

The health official notes that they expect to see a spike in the number of people showing up to check their HIV status after Carnvial, as has been the case in previous years.

Kennedy confirmed that the ministry is working closely with the students support services in the education ministry, as well as schools, TTUTA and the national PTA, to craft age-appropriate messages for the school population both in the primary and secondary schools, about sex, sexuality and reducing the risks of HIV infections.


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