Help us please, Gary

Three days af­ter their home was de­stroyed in a sus­pect­ed ar­son at­tack, a Tabaquite cou­ple re­mains fear­ful that the sus­pect will re­turn to car­ry out his threat to kill them and their two chil­dren.

Un­hap­py with the po­lice re­sponse, Nera Ba­jan, 47, lament­ed, "The po­lice not do­ing enough to help us at all. I want the po­lice to step in. Please, some­body in­ves­ti­gate the sus­pect, please peo­ple, please. This is the last straw...Our lives are next, this is what he said."

Ba­jan said she will be reach­ing out to Po­lice Com­mis­sion­er Gary Grif­fith, through his num­ber 482-GARY, for help.

Yes­ter­day, Ba­jan's hus­band Boland Ba­jan, 54, broke down in tears as he looked at the shell of their burnt-out home, which took him 20 years to build.

The cou­ple who lived in a bushy area off Mc Carthy Trace, with no pipe-borne wa­ter or elec­tric­i­ty, was not at home when the fire broke out on Mon­day.

They had gone to Pe­nal to pick up their two chil­dren, ages ten and eight, from school. Boland said he rushed home af­ter re­ceiv­ing a call on his cell phone that some­one was try­ing to steal his mon­key.

"All I see is the whole house on fire. The mon­key was gone. Some­body break in­to our home and set it on fire," he said.

The cou­ple claimed last week they went to the Bras­so Po­lice Sta­tion to re­port that the sus­pect, who lives in the area, had threat­ened to burn down their house and kill them but the po­lice did not take their re­port.

Nera said sus­pect had been threat­en­ing, ha­rass­ing and "do­ing us all kind ah thing" for sev­er­al years. The fam­i­ly has been spend­ing the night by rel­a­tives and re­turn­ing to the site of their burnt-out house dur­ing the day.

Ba­jan thanked their coun­cil­lor Hen­ry Awong, who is al­so the chair­man of the Cou­va/Tal­paro/Re­gion­al Cor­po­ra­tion for help­ing them with two mat­tress­es, a tar­pau­lin and a ham­per.

She said they may al­so be get­ting a $15,000 grant to help build their home.

How­ev­er, Ba­jan said they still need a lot of help as they lost all their clothes, per­son­al items, and house­hold ar­ti­cles.

The chil­dren have been un­able to at­tend school since the fire. Nera, who was shot and chopped sev­er­al times dur­ing an in­ci­dent last year, does not work but her hus­band sells the pro­duce from his gar­den at the mar­ket. The two-bed­room con­crete house and house­hold ar­ti­cles were val­ued at over $120,000.

An of­fi­cer from the Bras­so Po­lice Sta­tion said the in­ci­dent was still un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion and has not been ruled as ar­son.

Any­one will­ing to as­sist the fam­i­ly can con­tact them at 298-1257 or 309-9220.

- by Sascha Wilson

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