Heritage appoints Executive Management Team

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 12:45

The Heritage Petroleum Board of Directors has appointed an Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to provide additional managerial support for Chief Executive Officer Mike Wylie while he receives treatment in the US after undergoing surgery.

A statement by the company says that Wylie, who has been away for the past two months, will continue to direct the operations remotely with an ELT on the ground that will report to the Heritage Board of Directors.

The ELT will include Derek Lall, Land Leader; Kerry Rampersad, Mid-Stream Leader; Lisa Ali, Head of Transformation; Nigel Campbell, Chief Financial Officer; Richard Burgess, Offshore Central Leader.

The team will be responsible for continuing with the implementation of the company’s strategic plan, the statement said. 

It added that its meetings will be open to members of the Heritage Board.

It said the new reporting structure will remain in place until Wylie returns.