"He's an honest man"

Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 20:00

Every day we get dozens of posts from our viewers and today this is one that stood out, a post that seeks to highlight an honest man who returned $1000 to a woman who did not even know she had lost it.

Victoria Davis said she felt that in a time when there is a lot of negative news, it was good to highlight the positive as well.

She sent this post to CNC3's Facebook page, saying it happened to her aunt.

"I guess people love to spread bad negative news rumours n confusion. When it comes to the positive they deceitfully brag at funerals when the dead cannot hear them. Please circulate. 

"I went into Metex Automotive Ltd and dropped $1000. When I left the compound, this honest man (Kevon I was told in blue jersey and cream hat) approached (a group of 3-4 of us) and asked if anyone dropped something. 

"After searching I realised and told him I was missing $1000. He then handed me all the money. I then offered him $100 for his honesty and he still said "No, keep it, that is your money." 

Victoria says, "Please let TnT know that despite all the wickedness there are still honest people out there."

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