Honest car serviceman hands over missing $3000

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 06:00

Toyota car serviceman Varun Ramnarace’s honesty touched the hearts of his co-workers and one customer when he found $3,000 in an envelope inside an air-conditioning vent at his Barataria workplace on Monday and promptly returned it to the owner.

Ramnarace returned the money to Melanie Daniel through his service advisor, Reshma Ramdial, an act which warmed their hearts, particularly in this time of economic decline, job losses and frequent robberies.

The money, which was to pay Daniel’s rent, was returned to her the same day.

Daniel, a St James hairdresser, said Ramnarace’s integrity not only gave her back her rent money but also taught her an important lesson; never judge anyone.

She said the money went missing more than two months ago, on January 9, and since then until it was found she had wrongly been blaming a close relative.

“I had put it in the glove compartment of my car planning to pay the rent when I went out later. A relative went into the car before I left home and was transferring things from it to his car.

“When I went to pay the rent and reached into the glove compartment, the money was not there. I kept searching around the glove compartment but did not see it.

“I went inside and prayed and went back to the glove compartment and searched around but still did not find it.”

Daniel said she confronted the relative about it and he told her he did not take the money but she said she continued to be suspicious.

She said Ramnarace’s honesty gave her back more than money. Ramnarace could not be reached yesterday but Ramdial recalled, “He came to me and said, “Cindy, I found some money.” He said it was a good amount.

Ramdial said she flipped through the money, put it inside a Toyota envelope, stapled it and called Daniel immediately and related the news.

“She was very surprised.”

Ramdial said she told her supervisor about Ramnarace’s good deed.

“I am sure he will mention it in upcoming meetings and they will decide from there on what to do in terms of rewarding Ramnarace.”

Ramdial said they usually tell customers to remove all personal belongings from their cars before they bring them for servicing but sometimes find jewelry, cell phones and even laptop computers.

“We take them out and secure them until the customer returns for the car.”

SOURCE: www.guardian.co.tt (Yvonne Baboolal)