Honour the living, Choo Kong wants no posthumous award

Honour the living, Choo Kong wants no posthumous award.

A full house, not an empty seat inside and a standing ovation.

It would be difficult to think of a more fitting way to honour Raymond Choo Kong, a man who lived for the stage, whose last curtain call was this morning at the Santa Rosa RC Church in Arima. 

And during the outpouring of tributes of adoration a man described as a theatre icon, the words of Choo Kong took the spotlight. 

Words he said while he was living to ensure that in his death they are followed. 

"I do not want any posthumous awards or accolades, I won't be here, look Penny (Penelope Spencer) there, give her, she worked for a long long long long time, give Cecilia Salazar in my opinion, the greatest actor in Trinidad, give Nigel Scott, stalwart of the days since Walcott... Honour the living, "said Trevon Jugmohan who delivered the eulogy. 

Meanwhile, Arima MP Anthony Garcia said he admired Choo Kong's role as an educator, "His work afforded many young people the opportunity to learn from him as a master of his craft.

Even in his death, Raymond continues to bring people together." 

There were tears from young and old in the audience, evidence that his influence transcended generations. Family members said how he loved people, how he made them feel was his greatest attribute. 

But through the grief officiating Priest Monsignor Christian Perriera reminded the congregation, "Raymond will not want us to mourn his loss but to fertilise his vision." 

Raymond Choo Kong was found dead at his Green Street Arima home around midday on Monday, July 15th.

An autopsy stated he was stabbed multiple times in his upper chest.

There so far have been no arrests. 

Reporter: Akash Samaroo