Housing Minister warns radio station to watch what they say about him

The Housing Minister has sent a warning to a radio station to be careful about what its announcers say about him during one of its programmes.

Through Attorney Michael Quamina, Minister Randall Mitchell cautioned the 'Ground Report' programme on More 104.7 FM, to not make any defamatory statements during their discussion.

The letter which was sent to the station's manager says that the minister was made aware that the hosts of the programme intended to make him the subject matter of a particular topic.

The content of the discussion alarmed the minister.

His attorney told the radio station that the programme will be monitored and taped and should any defamatory statements be made, litigation will follow not only against the person making the statement but the station on the whole.

The letter says that prefacing the statement with the word 'alleged' will not save them from legal action.

The Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago meanwhile has been made aware of the letter.