How residents made sure this Barataria fire wasn't worse

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 - 12:15

While a fire destroyed the upper floor of an elderly couple's home in Barataria on Monday, quick work by residents and fire-fighters to assist the couple, has not gone unnoticed.

One of the persons involved in helping the family get safely off the compound spoke to CNC3 this morning about what transpired.

Christopher Valdez said he was in the area at the time and while driving past he noticed the smoke and went to see what was happening.

Both he and nearby residents saw a woman in her late 60s screaming hysterically in the yard while the top floor of the house was on fire.

He said the gate was locked and residents were trying to get the woman to leave the compound but she continued screaming in shock.

He said her husband then came out of the house with hair already singed by the fire and both were in a confused state.

At that point, Valdez said, residents jumped into the yard and were able to get the keys to the gate and also to the vehicles in the yard.

Valdez and the group of residents were able to get the vehicles out and help the couple to remove themselves safely from the compound without harm.

He said they were also preparing to search the house for others, but was assured by the couple that no one else was there.

Valdez said the fire services also responded very quickly and fought hard, even with a leaking hose, to battle the blaze.

He said while the family suffered the tragedy of losing the top floor of the house, the action of the residents initially, and the fire-fighters, was a good reflection of the positivity that exists among all the bad that's been occurring.