Humanitarian Association calls for legislation to address refugees

The Humanitarian Association of Trinidad and Tobago is calling on the government to implement legislation to ensure the protection of refugees in this country.

The association says there are many cases in recent times from which the government can observe and learn, and this country should avoid repeating the mistakes of international allies and breach international customary law.

It is urging the state to remember human rights should know no bounds: not by our race, class, ethnicity, language, sex, gender, age, sexual orientation, or any other label that argues and attempts to corrode their right to such protection.

The association says that some refugees after attaining refugee status through the UNHCR may not remain in the country.

It is asking citizens to remember that refugees and asylum-seekers are amongst the most vulnerable groups in the world.

Last Saturday, 82 Venezuelans were repatriated from T&T.


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