Hurricane Michael kills 2, leaves trail of devastation

Hurricane Michael has left a trail of destruction and has killed two people.

A CNN report states that Mexico Beach, Florida, is not just destroyed but for the most part, it's not there anymore.

It says that from a helicopter, one can see that many of the homes and hotels that populated this beachside town of about 1,200 are gone.

A few houses and other structures remain standing, but they're the exceptions.

Hurricane Michael's wind and storm surge ripped up buildings like posies and carried them inland.

Where homes once stood, offering premium views of the Gulf of Mexico, a few boards lay scattered across foundations.

While many cities along the Florida Panhandle enjoy the protection of various channel, barrier and tied islands, which can help stifle the impact of storm surge on the mainland, Mexico Beach sits between Crooked Island and the St. Joseph Peninsula, directly on the water.

"As you go east of Panama City, that's where that wall of water on the eastern side of the eye wall is," Sen. Bill Nelson said.

"You are going to see a lot of destruction when the rescue crews get into Mexico Beach. ... That's where you're going to see the extreme, extreme devastation."

Patricia Mulligan said she survived Hurricane Andrew in 1992, only to encounter the wrath of another storm Wednesday.

Mulligan and her family rode out Hurricane Michael in their Mexico Beach condo. She said she moved to the popular seaside destination, about 20 miles east of Panama City Beach, less than three months ago.

As the Category 4 storm's center crossed nearby, Mulligan said, her concrete complex shook and vibrated against sustained winds of around 155 mph. Water seeped into her fourth-floor apartment.

Federal Emergency and Management Agency (FEMA) officials said in a press conference on Thursday morning that hundreds of medical personnel have been activated across the affected regions to provide search and rescue and other life-saving measures.

Approximately 7,800 people cross Florida, Georgia and Alabama were in shelters on Wednesday night.

Several medical facilities sustained damage near the landfall area, FEMA said.

It could be "multiple weeks" in some areas to get power fully restored.


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