Imbert: NCC funding done with tried and tested process

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 04:45

Finance Minister Colm Imbert is denying a media report that his ministry has been “arbitrarily” determining funding for Carnival whilst having no transparent processes for application and receipt of Carnival funding by entities.

In a statement issued Tuesday morning, the ministry said that all requests for funding to the ministry must be document-supported and submitted by clear deadlines.

It said that in 2019, the National Carnival Commission (NCC) through its line ministry has made only two requests so far to the Ministry of Finance for funding of the 2019 Carnival and that both requests have been honoured in a timely manner.

The statement notes that on January 24 the ministry released $25 million to the NCC, a further $25.5 million on February 12 and $38.4 million on February 18.

This amounted to over $88 million, with a further $9.9 million outstanding.

"The Minister of Finance wishes to point out that not only has the Ministry provided funding to the tune of $88.9 million so far for the 2019 Carnival, it has done so with a tried and tested process that is both timely and efficient, thereby treating both the NCC and the Carnival it is responsible for managing in a respectful manner," the statement said.