Indarsingh to CTTRC councillors: Don’t be arrogant

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 19:00

Coun­cil­lors of the Cou­va/ Tabaquite/ Tal­paro Re­gion­al Cor­po­ra­tion (CT­TRC) were warned not to be ar­ro­gant.


The warn­ing came from Cou­va South MP Rudranath In­dars­ingh when he ad­dressed the swear­ing- in of the 14 new coun­cilors for the CT­TRC yes­ter­day at the CT­TRC’s head of­fice, Rail­way Road, Cou­va.

In­dars­ingh said, “I ask you not to be­come ar­ro­gant, not to be­come flip­pant, not be­come dis­cour­te­ous to those who may have vot­ed for you and even those who may not have sup­port­ed you po­lit­i­cal­ly be­cause the oath of of­fice is to be of ser­vice to all who re­side in your elec­toral dis­trict.”

In­dars­ingh said the last coun­cil faced tremen­dous chal­lenges along with the rest of T&T.

He said lo­cal gov­ern­ment is in a state of chaos. He said the last coun­cil was faced with tremen­dous fi­nan­cial con­straints.

“It was very sad to know that two ex­ca­va­tors were down and need­ed fi­nan­cial sup­port of $19,000 and the re­leas­es did not come from the Min­istry of Fi­nance and Min­istry of Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment when there was tremen­dous flood­ing.”

In­dars­ingh said there are so many pot­holes in Cou­va that mo­torists feel that they are un­der­tak­ing a de­fen­sive dri­ving course dai­ly.

Cou­va North MP Ra­mona Ram­di­al said many el­der­ly peo­ple were con­cerned about their safe­ty when go­ing to the banks.

She said many fear that they may be watched by crim­i­nal el­e­ments since they are easy tar­gets.

The UNC did not an­nounce the names of a new chair­man or any al­der­men.

Reporter: Shastri Boodan