Injured tourist hopes to return to T&T one day

The British woman who was injured during a robbery around the Queen's Park Savannah last week, says she would like to return to Trinidad and Tobago some day.

72-year-old Sally Wilson and her husband, Michael, have returned home.

The couple departed for the UK yesterday.

Port-of-Spain mayor Joel Martinez said he met the couple over the weekend.

He posted about the visit on Facebook.

"I did apologise on behalf of the city of Port-of-Spain for the incident that occurred," Martinez said.

He added: "They indicated to me they were treated well at hospital and the hotel and everyone they encountered thereafter seemed so friendly and nice and this incident marred the situation."

Mayor Martinez says the incident was the first time for the year that a tourist was injured during a robbery in the capital.

He says Mrs Wilson's tendons were severed when the thief slashed her arm with a knife.

The Port-of-Spain mayor now hopes the Police Service and the Ministry of National Security can help prevent a recurrence by installing CCTV cameras.

"If you look at other cities in the world you cant put police everywhere but we can install cameras and monitor the cameras like other cities," he said.

The Ministry of Tourism says it has thanked the Wilsons for their graciousness following the incident.

- by Faine Richards. Photo: Joel Martinez|Facebook