Integrity Commission asked to investigate procurement process for Galleons Passage

The Integrity Commission is being asked to investigate the procurement process used by Nidco to purchase the Galleons Passage ferry.

Specifically, the body is being asked to take a deeper look at the irregularities surrounding the acquisition of the brand new vessel.

In an official letter through his attorneys at Freedom Law Chambers, former MP Devant Maharaj outlines what he claims are several inconsistencies in the government's position on this matter.

He says in January of this year, the prime minister indicated that a Cabinet-appointed sub-committee was engaging international brokers to locate a suitable vessel for lease through Nidco.

He says that position changed to a decision to purchase the vessel.

According to Maharaj, all previous attempts to secure a vessel involved a tendering process for lease, and he is concerned about the sudden decision to purchase a vessel without a transparent process.

He also questions whether it breached the Central Tenders Board Act.

The former minister says it is passing strange that the Cabinet would procure a vessel without utilizing the Port Authority.

Maharaj's attorneys are also taking issue with the commission's response to his previous request.

He says he was asked to provide all information within ten days and he is questioning whether there has been a policy change which requires complainants to conduct their own investigations.

He is asking the body to utilise its mandate and begin an investigation immediately.

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