Invaders Steel Orchestra to honour Mannette on Thursday

The Invaders Shell Steel Orchestra will host a memorial reception to honour the life of steelpan inventor Dr Elliot “Ellie” Mannette at the Invaders panyard on Thursday night.

The panyard is the birthplace of many of Ellie Mannette’s inventions.

The programme will highlight the journey of Mannette’s life as a young inventor to an acclaimed academic.

Dr Jeannine Remy, Senior Lecturer in Music in the Department of Creative and Festival Arts, University of the West Indies and Co-Author of “Invaders Steel Orchestra: The History of a Legendary Trinidad Steelband” will share the academia aspects of Mannette’s accomplishments.

Other invited speakers include representatives from Pantrinbago, Mannette’s childhood friend, Jim Inniss and his nephew Barry Mannette.

Musical tributes from Hadco Phase II Pan Groove, Shell Invaders and Shell Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra will enhance the celebration.

The genesis of Mannette’s ground-breaking work with the steel drum started in Invaders panyard. It was at this location that Ellie Mannette sunk the drum, placed rubbers on the sticks and created six out of the nine instruments.

Michael Dinchong, Managing Director of Shell Invaders Steel Orchestra said, “Were it not for Ellie and others like himself who came before us, Invaders would not be referred to as a legendary Steelband and there would not have been that pride that has pervaded throughout the many years amongst its members and supporters. We see ourselves as the bearers of the torch of their legacy. We also think of ourselves as responsible for forging a path of our own to continue the legacy of Invaders.”

Shell Invaders Steel Orchestra will also be dedicating their Republic Day “Traditional J’ouvert Jump-Up” in memory of the Ellie Mannette.

Dr Elliot “Ellie” Mannette passed away at the age of 90 on August 29th 2018 in the United States.