Investigation launched into prisoners' feast at prison

A video of prisoners feasting, chanting, cavorting and recording their activities comfortably on banned cellular phones at the Maximum Security Prison is now the subject of an investigation.

The video begins with a bareback man sitting on a bed, eyes downcast with earphones on. The narrator identifies someone in a white teeshirt as "the Sabbath teacher" before showing off a layout of about 20 bowls of food with rice, fish, plantain and cucumbers. In the video, the narrator seems proud of the feast saying, "All soldiers... after the Saturday sabbath, rice and fish to feed all (of) you. I am sharing. Hail Selassie, Rasta living. We take a bathe. It's Kings of Kings." 

Someone is then seen dishing out the food. The prisoners then begin a rhythmic chant to the beat of bongo drums and the rattle of chac chacs as they dance around. The video ends with one man taking a

Rastafarian rag and placing it on top of the head of another man. A depiction of Bob Marley emblazoned with the word Legend was seen in the video. Other prisoners were seen in other cells looking on. 
The video, shared more than 22,000 times on Facebook, drew praise and condemnation from the public.

Deli Cadogan wrote, " BWDMA!!!! I guess jail ain’t so bad like people portrayed it to be then."

Kevin Marcano wrote, "With the exception of having a phone I don't see an issue. The video hasn't promoted no badness of gangsterism. Most the time family brings food when they visit so they're having a meal. Actually is kinda a pleasant change to see fellas not behaving like goons."

Damien Kissoondath wrote, " The food they eating is a nun issue what's the big issues is the phone and internet service that is the real problem."

But Pauline Cruickshank added, "Steupzz everyone have something negative to say. So you know no one in jail? You didn't know they have phones and don't get me started with the food. Some people have family who cook and bring them stuff and as u can see they are sharing. Me eh saying it right they having phones but they done have it. So what you gonna do bout it. The whole of Trinidad corrupted. Them in jail already the extra crime they doing is having a phone u think they gonna care?? Really???"

But a source at Prison said the Prison authorities were aware of the video and were doing investigations. Efforts to contact Prisons Commissioner Gerard Wilson and president of the Prisons Officers Association Ceron Richards proved futile as Richards did not answer his cellular phone. Wilson's secretary said he was engaged in a meeting and could not be disturbed.

Source: (Radhica De Silva)



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