Investigators probe fire at Marabella supermarket in light of arson-and-loot trend

Monday, December 19, 2016 - 08:45

Police are investigating a fire at a Marabella supermarket to determine if it was another case of attempt arson with the intention of the perpetrators to loot the establishment.

The incident occurred Sunday night at the Sookhoo's on Union Road, Marabella.

Fire-fighters were forced to battle a fire at the establishment last night and their investigations suggest that the fire was deliberately set.

Police and business associations have warned of a new trend in which criminals are setting fire to business places with the intention of raiding and looting.

Early Sunday morning arsonists set fire to the D&J Budget Mart Limited warehouse (D&J Warehouse) on Prizgar Road, San Juan.

However, the building and its contents were saved thanks to the quick response of neighbours and fire-fighters.

On December 12th, arsonists also set fire to ‘Benefit the People Supermarket’ off the Eastern Main Road, Barataria.

A video posted to social media showed men and women walking out of the smouldering business with looted items.