Joint-Chambers: Employees ignored call to rest & reflect

The country's business chambers say that employees from across the business sector have ignored calls from trade union leaders to participate in an illegal national strike.

The Joint Chambers (comprising AMCHAM T&T, the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago, the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association) conducted a comprehensive survey of their members this morning and reported that 88% of members stated that the illegal strike had no impact on their businesses, with 10% reporting a minor impact and only 2% reporting a major impact.

The chambers are complimenting and thank the workers of Trinidad and Tobago for ignoring the irresponsible calls for a national strike and for their continued diligence and hard-work.

"Ninety percent of our members reported that their absenteeism rates were at normal levels, with 7% reporting a lower absenteeism rate than for a normal Friday in September," the statement said.

The chambers said this pattern was similar across sectors and for both unionized and non-unionized companies.

The pattern was the same for both state-owned and private companies.

They said absenteeism rates for companies reporting no impact were under 1%, while those reporting a minor impact, reported an absenteeism of 4%.

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