Judge convenes court at temple

A High Court judge yesterday convened court at a parcel of land next door to a Temple in Princes Town which is the subject of a legal battle over ownership.

Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh went to the location yesterday on the final day of the trial in which executives of Churkoo Village Mandir are claiming the right to the land which is owned by farmer Samaroo Raghoonanan.

The Mandir, led by Pundit Artma Maharaj, was granted an injunction against Raghoonanan by Justice James Aboud in the San Fernando High Court.

The Mandir members claimed that Ragoonanan had placed boulders and steel rods on the property to prevent temple goers from parking on land.

They are contending that although Raghoonanan has paper title to the land he has never asserted ownership of the land.

They further claimed that the Mandir has been occupying the plot for more than 50 years. However, Raghoonanan said he often visited and cleaned the land which comprises 408 square metres.

Under police guard, the judge, his staff, attorneys, Raghoonanan and Kelvin Jaggernauth, a member of the Temple executive, stayed at the location for about an hour.

Questions were asked of Raghoonanan and Jaggernauth who also pointed out certain area.

The judge is expected to give his ruling next January. The mandir is being representing by Anand Ramlogan SC leading Alvin Pariagsingh instructed by Alana Rambaran while Raghoonanan is being represented by Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj SC leading Vijaya Maharaj instructed by Stephen Boodram.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt (Sascha Wilson)

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