Judge finds woman guilty of libel stemming from her Facebook posts

Be careful what you post on social media.

This as Justice Frank Seepersad has delivered a landmark judgment in the San Fernando Court in relation to social media posts.

A woman who published defamation claims about a family on Facebook, will now have to compensate her victims.

This morning Justice Seepersad ruled that Jenelle Burke made a series of unsubstantiated libellous statements that caused the family to suffering “shame and embarrassment” since those statements were false and may have been seen by thousands

Justice Seepersad described Burke's facebooks posts as reckless and scandalous.

The judge stated this state of affairs cannot continue unabated and the court, therefore, elected to mould and apply the common law in a manner which gives some degree of protection to citizens.

There is entrenched in local parlance the phrase, “you will pay for your mouth”.


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