Kaleidoscope We Colourz wins in Tobago

Stoute Next Gen­er­a­tion has copped the 2019 over­all Band of the Year ti­tle in To­ba­go with Kalei­do­scope We Colourz.

Their pre­sen­ta­tion, which high­light­ed sev­er­al colours, shapes and pat­terns that are of sig­nif­i­cance to Trin­bag­o­ni­ans and par­tic­u­lar­ly To­ba­go, earned them 746 points.

El­dez and As­so­ciates’ West lndi­an Jun­gle was sec­ond while As­tra Win­ches­ter Cre­ations’ So­lar En­er­gy was third.

Band­leader Can­dice Chang-Sandy said yes­ter­day she was still in shock but was hum­bled by the win.

She said it was a fam­i­ly ef­fort, as it was their lega­cy of con­tin­ued pas­sion for the mas from her moth­er and mas vet­er­an Glo­ria Stoute. She said, a lot of thought and hard work went in­to the con­cept.

“Hon­est­ly, I don’t have a feel­ing, maybe I’m still in shock, maybe I’m just numb.

Every year we want to win Band of the Year but it nev­er hap­pens, so we have con­di­tioned our minds not to ex­pect any­thing and maybe the con­di­tion­ing the mind not to ex­pect any­thing is why I’m emo­tion­less so to speak, or maybe it hasn’t hit me yet,” she told the T&T Guardian.

Com­ment­ing on the re­duc­tion of grants and prizes of­fered to To­ba­go band­lead­ers, she said the prize struc­ture should be in­creased as the cost for as­so­ci­at­ed goods and ser­vices con­tin­ue to rise.

“Plen­ty of the stuff we still have to get from Trinidad. We still have to fight up with the air and seabridge, that’s an ad­di­tion­al cost, there’s no re­duc­tion of those things and sec­ond­ly it was done with­out any con­sul­ta­tion and it has a lot to do with the fact that we have no uni­fied front rep­re­sent­ing us, so they be­lieve that they can di­vide and rule.

They al­so on­ly pro­vid­ed the prize struc­ture the week be­fore Car­ni­val, when peo­ple would have al­ready in­vest­ed, think­ing that prizes would re­main the same,” Chang-Sandy said.

She al­so had a vary­ing view about To­ba­go hav­ing a Car­ni­val sep­a­rate from Trinidad. She said the is­land has to first de­ter­mine its niche mar­ket in or­der to strength­en the prod­uct.

“To­ba­go hav­ing a sec­ond Car­ni­val sep­a­rate from Trinidad will be wel­comed.

 How­ev­er, I am not in agree­ment with mov­ing the date of Car­ni­val, it makes no sense in my mind, be­cause if there is a na­tion­al hol­i­day, what will To­ba­go do when Trinidad is cel­e­brat­ing Car­ni­val,” Chang-Sandy said.

“We have to de­ter­mine what our niche mar­ket is, we have to de­ter­mine how we mea­sure suc­cess and mea­sure­ment is by no means the num­ber of per­sons in a Car­ni­val band. Hav­ing ten thou­sand mas­quer­aders in a band doesn’t say you had a suc­cess­ful prod­uct.”

Chang-Sandy al­sio con­grat­u­lat­ed Road March win­ners Machel Mon­tano, Bun­ji Gar­lin and Skin­ny Fab­u­lous on their win.

The trio sur­prised the Stoute Next Gen­er­a­tion fam­i­ly with their very own dub ver­sion of their hit Famalay, which the band used on the streets on Car­ni­val Tues­day to the de­light of band mem­bers and judges.

Reporter: Casandra Thompson-Forbes