Kamla: PM's 'conversation' was a convoluted diatribe of blaming others

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has described the Prime Minister's "Conversation with the Media" as a "convoluted diatribe" of blaming everyone, instead of putting forward measures for the country.

In her response to the prime minister's media event today, Persad-Bissessar said it appears that the prime minister has reached a state of meltdown and is incapable of leading the country.

Persad-Bissessar issued the following statement on Thursday.

"After more than 3 hours, we are more confused about the purpose of the PM’s “conversation with the media” and have no more clarity on why Sandals left and what is the next step.

We are no clearer on Tobago development; no clearer on a plan for diversification; no clearer on a growth strategy; no clearer on where we are headed as a country in Trinidad and Tobago. Perhaps the thing that worries most of us after seeing Dr Rowley’s show is his competence to govern. It is a cause for serious concern.
Today was another lost opportunity to present new and innovative strategies to move our economy forward.

He quickly descended into a convoluted diatribe in which he resorted to his all too familiar theme of “blame everyone except me”. 

The Prime Minister spent more than three hours speaking and took no responsibility for his failure to achieve any substantial project even though he is in his fourth year of office.

We are witnessing a Government in freefall, and with no achievements to report, they have resorted to spending all of their time, and wasting media time, speaking of their own failures and blaming others. 

It is time for the Prime Minister to stop blaming and talking about the past and, focus on what needs to be done to move the country forward. 
Rowley bullied the media for three hours for probing his failures as Prime Minister in this Sandals debacle, yet he failed to provide a proper explanation for the improper selection process, the feasibility for a project of that scope and scale, or even a projection of return on the billions of taxpayers’ dollars that would have been spent.  
What upsets the Prime Minister is that at every turn, the media, the Opposition and members of the public refuse to just jump blindly behind anything he wants to do and support him without question, calling legitimate questions ‘analysis paralysis’.

That is not who we are as a nation and that is not what happens in a strong democracy. The people of Trinidad and Tobago deserve better than this.
While citizens of Trinidad and Tobago are standing up against the Rowley Government’s incompetence. Keith Rowley simply lumps everyone together as the Opposition and for him, opposition cannot be tolerated.

This is something that should be of concern to each and every citizen. What we are witnessing is a Prime Minister in meltdown as he comes to terms with the fact that he has failed to lead the country.
Our citizens deserve good governance, and a leader and team that has a vision and plan to move our nation forward, and return to sustainable growth and a brighter future. The UNC will not allow the Rowley Government to dictate our narrative going forward with their same tired campaign rhetoric of 2015.

The country needs a leader with plans, policies, ideas and political will at this time and not a perennial political campaigner.
Keith Rowley and his government are incapable of moving our country forward, and we call on the Prime Minister to do the right thing and call the election now and give people the chance to return good governance to get T&T Working Again!!"


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