Khan: I'm working out and have stopped stuffing my face

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 11:45

San Juan/Barataria Member of Parliament, Dr Fuad Khan has responded to the PNm's Women's League saying that he has no problems with them telling him that he needs to lose weight.

Khan posted a response on his Facebook page Tuesday afternoon, saying that he has stopped "stuffing" his "face" and is working out.

The following were the contents of the post.

"In response to the PNN Women's League statement, I have no problem being told that I need to lose weight. I am working out and have stopped stuffing my face. I will never insist that people love me up for being obese.

"I am happy when I am being fat shamed by the PNM women league (FAB) as they are known. It makes me continue my weight loss path. And I don't want to be fat accepted.

Please keep fat shaming me. I need it to help me free myself from my fight with obesity.

You know, the PNM Women's League should take their own advice..."