Khan: T&T needs to join march towards decriminalisation of marijuana

Friday, April 20, 2018 - 08:30

Former Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan says Trinidad and Tobago needs to join the march towards decriminalization of marijuana, particularly for medical use.

Today, as many around the world celebrates 4-20, Dr Khan is once again pointed out the many benefits to the economy by legalizing marijuana, its medical uses and the need to desist from criminalizing young men in particular for using small amounts.

He says the government’s continuing failure to broach matters of national importance has become a serious drawback when it comes to our society evolving based on science, pragmatism and common sense.

He adds Trinidad and Tobago has some of the highest rates of cancer, hypertension and diabetes in the region and if marijuana licences are granted, the country can begin to benefit from the positive medical benefits.

The Barataria/San Juan MP says marijuana smokers are not second class citizens.

He says adults have the legal right to consume alcohol, tobacco and other legal drugs but are criminalized if they choose marijuana, a natural herb, adding that this is neither reasonable nor fair.