Kidnapped fishermen released

Five of the fishermen reportedly abducted by Venezuelan pirates have returned to this country after more than a week

Early this morning 35-year-old Lynton Manohar, 38-year-old Jason O'Brien, 28-year-old Brandon Arjoon, 17-year-old Jagdesh jaikeran and 49-year-old Rickey Rambharose, all of Morne Diablo, Penal came back to Trinidad on a pirogue. 

 A US 200 thousand dollars ransom had been demanded for their safe return. 

O'Brien's brother Jerry who was also kidnapped along with the others was sent back home last Thursday with an instruction to pay the ransom. 

The family of the fishermen sold their boats, engines and a van to raise the money.

Police say the men appeared to be unharmed and were expected to be taken to the Siparia health facility for a medical examination. It is unclear if the ransom was paid in part or at all.

Over the past week gruesome images of men being mutilated circulated on social media causing panic among the family and the community. Guardian media will have a lot more on this development throughout the day.

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