Kunti tells police she was beaten with piece of wood

A decision to spend Mothers Day with her children turned out badly for Barrackpore mother Kunti Deopersad after a male relative allegedly beat her with a piece of wood.

Deopersad, 39, who moved out of her marital home at Oropouche South Trace, Barrackpore, after she admitted to faking her own kidnapping last March, returned on Mother's Day at her children's request.

She told police that her children begged her to spend the night so she spread a mattress on the ground and went to sleep. 

Deopersad reported that around 8 pm, a male relative told her to get up from the floor and sleep on the bed but she refused. 

An argument ensued following which the man allegedly grabbed a piece of wood and struck her twice.

Her hands were swollen after the attack. Deopersad then left the house and sought medical treatment at the Princes Town District health facility but it was only on Wednesday evening that she went to the Princes Town police to lodge a report. 

The incident was recorded. Police said her hands had lacerations. The report was then forwarded to the Barrackpore police for further investigations.

Police said they plan to interview Deopersad's family and neighbours. They are also awaiting a medical report from the Princes Town Health facility.

Deopersad shot into the spotlight on March 20 after her husband Tilkee Gopaul, 60, reported her missing.

She came home a week later and gave a story of how she managed to escape from her captors using a hairpin to unlock the door.

Deopersad's account of the unusual kindness from her abductors, while she was locked in a room with another woman for a week, left investigators confused and a week later she confessed she had fabricated the story and was staying with another man. 

She later apologised to her six daughters, her son and to the public. 

She no longer lives in Barrackpore and some of her relatives have not been speaking to her since the incident.

Source: www.guardian.co.tt (Radhica De Silva)