LA GUERRE: “2020 Election a two party race…”

Political analyst, Professor John La Guerre, is predicting that the upcoming 2020 General Election will be very, very close, and predominantly, a two-party race.

He also warns that there may be a lot of mud-slinging, as both major parties try to poach voters from each other, to gain ascendancy.

According to Professor La Guerre, times have changed dramatically, as has the electorate, and it won’t be easy for any one political party to get an overwhelming majority.

He told us if the election were called today, it would be a dead heat between the PNM and the UNC.

“The other parties that want to form an alliance with the two major parties have come too late. The COP for instance has only recently been resurrected.”

He adds: “I don’t think it will have much of an impact on the electorate, one way or the other, as well as the other trade union / political groupings that are on the scene.”

And with regard to the Prime Minister’s claims of an assassination plot against him, and the Opposition Leader’s claims that the PM is using it as an election gimmick... Professor La Guerre says the PM has recalled the death threats and plots against him to serve a political purpose.

“When the base of a political leader becomes endangered—either because people have begun to drift or for some other reason—there is need to recall them to their loyalties to the political leader. One of doing it,” he explains, “is to show the leader is in danger. So, it’s not unusual. These are the kinds of events you associate with elections, especially general elections.”

The political analyst notes that race won’t dominate the issues bandied about on the campaign trail.

He points to the economy, foreign exchange and cost of living issues as having traction with varying sectors and sections of the society, and being issues all political parties must address coherently.


Story by NEWS DESK