Laid-off Centrin worker found hanging; financial problems being given as reason for suicide

Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 20:00

A 48-year-old former Centrin worker has committed suicide by hanging in what's being linked to financial problems after being laid-off.

David Francis, a father of two, was found hanging at his Perseverance home last night.

Senior officials of the Steel Workers Union confirmed the death.

The following message is being circulated among union members;

"With a heavy heart I inform you that one of our true comrades, David Francis, 48-years-old, head of a home with wife and two kids, has taken his life last night by committing suicide by hanging. Centrin has followed Mittal by not paying workers their severance and vacation benefits although giving notice to workers to so do."

A senior union member told CNC3 that the man was unable to find another job and became depressed as he ran out of money.

At the time of this report (11am) family members were at the Forensics Sciences Centre, where an autopsy is being done.

Some 200 Centrin workers were given 45-day notices of retrenchment on February 25th.

Centrin was a downstream company of  ArcelorMittal Pt Lisas.