LAPD gives crime-fighting training to TTPS

Law enforcement officials attached to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) are currently conducting a four-day knowledge exchange with officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS).

This is aimed at improving and strengthening the crime-fighting tactics of the TTPS, a statement by the Police Service said.

The visit forms part of the TTPS’ ongoing partnership with the LAPD in areas of intelligence and information exchange, training and education as well as sharing of best practices for law enforcement personnel.

The statement said a team of experts comprising of law enforcement, lawmakers and other professionals shared their knowledge and expertise in crime reduction and gang violence, giving advice on programmes implemented in the City of Los Angeles that have effectively curtailed gang activity in that city.

The purpose of their visit is also to understand and analyse the policies and procedures of the TTPS and its relation to the justice system, in order to specifically assist the Police Service in reducing murders and gang violence, through support in the areas of training, technology support and expertise sharing.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith, held several meetings with the experts ahead of their visit, welcoming their support to assist in developing and adding to existing crime-fighting strategies employed by the TTPS.

The visit from the LAPD team was sponsored by members of the business community as part of the ‘I Support Our Service’ campaign.

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