Lara dispels fake news about him

Friday, March 3, 2017 - 05:45

Former West Indies batting legend Brian Lara is fine and there is no need for his fans to worry, as a story circulating on social media facebook is all a hoax.

According to the report Lara was seriously injured in a car crash before dawn on Ash Wednesday. They even went further to report that publicist Andy Moore said the cricketer was returning from a party with friends in the early hours of the morning, when he was involved in the accident. All we know is that he is not doing well,’ Mr Moore told The Associated Press according to the report.

Guardian Media spoke to Lara yesterday and he said he was fine and dismissed the story. “I am fine nothing is wrong with me.” Funnily enough a photo of a wrecked black BMW has been posted alongside the story and it is the vehicle belonging to West Indies fast bowler Kemar Roach, who crashed his vehicle a couple years ago at the Three Ws Oval in Barbados.

The all-time great has been on the rounds of the country promoting cricket through his charitable foundation and after a very successful event in Barataria recently he is about to go to Tobago to continue spreading the word of cricket and in the process doing his part in helping to build youngsters by showing them a healthy alternative lifestyle away from crime and other negative influences.

Lara later took to his Instagram account to denounce the article saying, "It was an irresponsible action by whoever felt it wise to send out this misinformation, Other than the fact it consumed my day dispelling such two little girls, family and friends were very disturbed to pick this up before hearing from me. To all my love ones I'm safe and sound."