LATEST: Moonilal: The photos were taken by a family member, not military; posted on Facebook

Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 04:30

Oropouche East Member of Parliament Dr Roodal Moonilal says the photos of the Attorney General's children posing with guns were not taken by a member of the Defence Force but rather by a family member before it was posted on a Facebook page.

Dr Moonilal made the disclosure as he spoke on the CNC3 Morning Brew programme Thursday morning, where he also criticised Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, saying he attacked the Defence Force without evidence.

"His statement was shocking and scandalous in that the prime minister has no evidence that soldiers took those pictures or leaked those pictures, yet carte blanche he attacked the soldiers of the Defence Force. That is a scandal from a sitting prime minister," he said. 

"Let me say categorically, on your station, that these pictures were never taken by soldiers," he told The Morning Brew host Hema Ramkissoon.

"They were taken by a family member. These pictures were never leaked by soldiers. I have no contact with soldiers in the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force. They were placed last October on a Facebook account, They were placed for one day and then removed. On that one day someone drew it to my attention, it required verification and so on. But I want to say that no soldier or member of the Defence Force leaked those pictures to the Opposition and I do not believe that any soldier took the picture so I could dismiss that immediately," Dr Moonilal said.


He continued: "I also want to add that four weeks within coming into office the Attorney General wants us to believe that he received death threats so grave that it required high machinery and artillery training for him and his family. This is a matter that is simple. There are some people who wear gold chains around their necks to gallery and pose, There are some people who pose with guns and it's a lapse in discretion and judgement and the Attorney General must stop hiding behind his children and man up to the responsibility of what has happened."

Dr Moonilal said that he does not have any issue with the children of the Attorney General, saying they acted as children would. He said the issue is with the adults who allowed them to use the weapons.

"I have no difficulty with the children. I want to say it categorically, those children are innocent. In fact the children behaved like children. They are innocent. It's the adults who accompanied them who allowed this situation where the children can pose and gallery with loaded machine guns. Those pictures depict that those guns are loaded. You don't undertake training with loaded machine guns So that the parents are to blame, those guardians, those in charge. The children are innocent," he said.

Dr Moonilal added that the statement issued by the Defence Force should be read carefully as he said, it does not confirm that those pictures were part of any military training.