Laventille pool officially open

The Laventille Community pool is officially open to the public. 

Dozens showed up, mostly children to experience the cool water on this hot July day.

But it wasn't just free for all, at this pool there is structure, Coast Guard Officers were seen guiding the children ages 8-14, giving them basic swimming lessons. 

The pool also has a schedule where different activities will take place, activities such as aqua aerobics, therapeutic swimming and swimming lessons. 

However Deputy Mayor Councillor Hillan Morean encouraged residents to register and check the schedule for free windows where they can just swim. 

"This pool is for all of Laventille," said Morean. 

Commanding Officier of the Coast Guard of T&T Captain Douglas Archer told Guardian Media that this pool can bring the first Olympic swimmer from Laventille.

He said training of officers over the weekend was successful and eventually more activities will be added to the roster. 

Children were seen lining up waiting for their chance to enter the pool and those already inside told us that so far their experience is fun. 

One 12-year-old said she plans on coming to the pool every day for the remainder of the July/August vacation.

Reporter: Carisa Lee