Law Association does not support extension of bail and anti-gang bills

Monday, June 27, 2016 - 20:00

The Law Association does not support the extension of the lives of the bail amendment acts and the anti-Gang Act that are currently before the Parliament.

In 2015 the association did not agree with the measures taken by then Attorney General Garvin Nicholas calling it disproportionate and that the new legislation amounted to the denial of a person’s Constitutional rights.

The Law Association called then for the repeal of the bail legislation, hence the reason for the Law Association not supporting the renewal of the two bills. 

In a media statement today, the Association gave five reasons why they could not support the extension of the bills before parliament.

 It says neither piece of Legislation has acted as a deterrent to serious crime, nor has there been any explanation or statistics presented to show that either piece of Legislation has reduced the crime rate.

It also says the present bill has significantly increased the number of persons on remand.

One other reason given by the Law Association is the significant deficiencies of the forensic system, resulting in unreasonable delay in forensic testing.

It means that persons are unlikely to have matters involving the use of a firearm, heard within(at a minimum) two to three years. 

The Law Association says that it has maintained a clear and consistent position on the Bail and Anti- Gang legislation.