Law Association wants CJ to step down

The law association and its membership have expressed a loss of confidence in the chief justice and the members of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission. It is now calling on him and the three members to resign.

The results of the vote were announced shortly before 9 pm on Thursday evening.

The official results show almost fifteen hundred members voted in favour of the five motions, while roughly seven hundred voted against.

The law association met in a special general meeting yesterday after its members petitioned the law body to file the motion.

It all stemmed from the fallout over the appointment of Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar to the high court bench and her subsequent resignation. Her elevation resulted in 53 part-heard matters being restarted. Some of the matters are as many as eight years old.

The motion accused the JLSC of not conducting proper due diligence, especially since some of Marcia Ayers Caesar's outstanding matters were widely reported in the media. 

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