Legal action being initiated against Transport Commissioner, Wayne Richards

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 - 20:00

Legal action is being initiated against transport commissioner, Wayne Richards.

In less than 24 hours a pre-action protocol letter is expected to be served at the licensing authority head office.

This action follows a complaint by former temporary senator and activist for the differently abled, Dr Kriyaan Singh.

Dr. Singh alleges that he was discriminated against while attempting to renew his drivers permit at the San Fernando Licensing Office.

Dr. Singh says persons with disabilities are to renew their licenses annually, and their approval based on the discretion of the licensing officer.

He says, in the past he was authorized to drive any type vehicle but now the licensing officer has limited him to one. 

And it was only by the intervention of the Transport Commissioner, he was allowed to use four cars only.

He says it's unfair to him since he has been driving for over seven years and this has now barred him from using any other vehicle abroad and locally which he is a level of discrimination.

Dr. Singh has hired former attorney general, senior counsel Anand Ramlogan and freedom chambers to lead his legal proceeding.

Senior Council Anand Ramlogan spoke to CNC3 via the telephone and confirmed that his team will be serving the commissioner in 24 hours time.