Machel supports separate Carnival for Tobago

Road March winner Machel Montano has thrown his support behind the initiative for Tobago to have its own Carnival.

Since 2011, there have been calls for Tobago to have its own Carnival instead of having celebrations the same time as Trinidad.

Montano gave his take on the issue during his performance at the Call to Paradise premium all-inclusive event at the Magdalena Grand Beach Resort on Saturday.

Montano urged those in authority to be brave and grasp the opportunity for Trinidad and Tobago to have separate Carnivals on each island.

While many have suggested that October would be a viable time for the separate Tobago Carnival, Montano suggested August may be a good time.

“If I leave Trinidad for Carnival and go Tobago I go feel bad. If I don’t go to Tobago for Carnival I go feel bad, so it’s better we have two Carnivals, wah alyuh say. We have to be brave, let we go with them, I find we could go to Tobago in August,” he said.

With a segway into his 2018 winning song Soca Kingdom, the crowd erupted in an agreement with Montano.

Performances also came from Soca Monarch winner Aaron “Voice” St Louis, runner-up Dexter “Blaxx” Stewart and Patrice Roberts which were all well received by patrons.

However, the Call to Paradise event had its fair share of hiccups with many patrons taking to social media to show their displeasure about the event, highlighting that they did not get their monies worth.

Tickets for the event started at $750 and increased to $800 days before the premium all-inclusive event. However, when patrons arrived at the venue, they complained about the poor layout, substandard food and minimal drinks.

In a Facebook post, attorney Martin George who attended the event, described it as Paradise Lost saying many people including himself were left disappointed and not given value for money.

T&T Guardian contacted George who said following his social media post, he was contacted by the promoters and offered an apology.

T&T Guardian also understands that at least three other patrons were given a refund with apologies at the event.

In response, the management and staff of Magdalena Grand Beach Resort posted on Facebook: “We understand that many of the attendees were inconvenienced by the food & bar service of which the ladies and gentlemen of Magdalena Grand sincerely apologise for. We have brought these challenges to the attention of the promoter who was directly responsible for outsourcing these two vital components that are key to a successful and enjoyable event.”

However, in response to all the criticism, Tobagonian promoter Erlan Clarke, of Opulence Promotions and Events Management, apologised for the outcome of the event.

Clarke, took full responsibility, indicating that his team would have dropped the ball, but promised to have a better event in 2019.

Source: (​Casandra Thompson–Forbes)

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