Mafeking Government Primary School to reopen next week

Friday, October 21, 2016 - 15:00

The Ministry of Education says it has appointed a contractor to address all electrical and infrastructural issues at the Mafeking Government Primary School in order to have the school reopened by mid next week.

The announcement came on Thursday during a meeting with the staff and parents, following a visit to the school by Minister of Education Anthony Garcia and Dr Lovell Francis, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and other senior ministry officials.

Member of Parliament for Mayaro, Rushton Paray also attended the meeting.

A statement by the Ministry of Education says that Minister Garcia in his address to parents saying, “Whatever needs to be done to bring relief to our children we will do it, certain things must be done and must be done expeditiously starting from today and we have given that deadline.”  

Minister Garcia also acknowledged the right for parents to protest, however, he asked parents to desist from placing padlocks on school gates and locking out students.

He said, “Whenever a child is locked out of a school, that child is deprived of his right to an education. We will not condone that action because it affects the child negatively.”

The contractor commenced works on Thursday night to upgrade the electrical system, replace main distribution panels, change switches and electrical wires and lights.

The entire plumbing system was also repaired and all the wash basins and toilet bowls in the sanitary blocks were replaced.

Major repairs will be done to address leaks and other problems to the roof.

The parents of students from Mafeking Government Primary School have been keeping their children away from classes since Monday 17th October, 2016 after expressing health and safety concerns due the fluctuation of the electricity supply and infrastructural and sewer problems on the compound.