Maha Sabha lifts media ban on Sat's funeral

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 14:45

The Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha has a change of heart about allowing the media to cover the funeral service of its deceased Secretary General Sat Maharaj. It lifted the ban today, less than twenty-four hours after it issued a press release instituting the ban on the media houses. 

“The media is therefore welcome to cover this event,” a press release today stated.

 It blamed the decision to institute the ban on the actions of an unnamed reporter who it said disrespected religious proceedings at the wake on Sunday night. It said the reporter went “against our expressed wishes.” 

The SDMS has been criticized for the move, with one pundit saying the decision was insulting to Mr. Maharaj.

But the acting secretary general Sri Vijay Maharaj says the organization has “listened to the divergent voices and reflected on this matter.”

A number of media houses reached out to the SDMS, the release stated, and having consulted on the matter it has “reconsidered its position.” 

“We therefore have a duty and responsibility to ensure that the nation is given a proper opportunity to bid farewell to this national icon and titan of a man. We have therefore decided to allow full access to the funeral at the Lakshmi Girls College and the cremation at the Caroni Cremation Site.”