Man advertises stolen items on Facebook, victim and police turn up to "buy"

A Valencia man is currently in police custody after being caught by police officers attempting to sell stolen items on Sunday.

The 36-year-old plant-shop owner was arrested when officers along with the victim, arranged to meet with the suspect to purchase items that were identified as stolen from the victim.

On Friday 30th November, 2018, the victim secured his Wallerfield chicken depot and left, only to discover machines valued at $17,000 missing when he reopened the depot the following day.

A report was subsequently made to the Arima police station.

The victim later observed a post on Facebook, with the identical items being sold for $8,000.

Together with officers of the Arima CID, the victim met with the suspect on Sunday, under the guise of purchasing the items.

The victim then identified the machines as the same ones stolen from his depot.

The man was immediately arrested and taken to the Arima police station, pending charges.

Cpl Haynes, of the Arima CID, is continuing enquiries.

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