Man charged for daring jewelry heist

A man who was apprehended and later freed during the 2011 State of Emergency has been arrested in connection with the jewelry heist at RT Jewellers in San Fernando.

Several rings and bracelets identified as being stolen from the store were found after police raided the man’s home on Broadway, San Fernando last week. The 29-year-old who has several convictions for robbery, larceny and firearm offences will appear before a San Fernando Magistrate today charged with receiving stolen goods.

He appeared on an ID parade on Friday and was positively identified in connection with another robbery at Cocoyea, San Fernando. Police said they will place him on other ID parades in Central Trinidad this week.

On March 13, three men stormed into RT Jewellers located at Upper High Street.

They knocked the security guard to the floor and in less than a minute they smashed showcases and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry. The robbery was caught on video.

The men then escaped on foot through Carlton Centre and onto St James Street. Three suspects were later arrested and charged.

Source: (Radhica Sookraj)

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