Man jumps into Caroni river to escape police

After six hours of searching the waters of the Caroni River by the Caroni Bridge for a robbery suspect, police officers gave up the search just before sunset Thursday.

As the weary team of police officers left the scene, one female officer was heard saying "I would wait out here whole night for him if I have long would he be able to hide."

Guardian Media was told by a senior police officer on the scene that the suspect managed to escape them during a sting operation at La Paille Village in Caroni at about 10am.

The officer said the suspect robbed a female resident from the area of her handbag.

It was said that the woman called the police after she made a plea to the suspect to give back her belongings in exchange for a $500 reward.

When the suspect arrived at the meeting place yesterday he was confronted by the woman along with police officers.

The man ran off with the police giving chase towards the Caroni bridge.

Upon reaching the bridge one of the officers fired two shots but the suspect escaped by jumping into the river.

Police officers called for the assistance of local fishermen with their boats to help search the waters for the suspect.

A team of police officers from the Canine Unit also reported to the scene with their dogs.

However, after hours of searching the senior officer gave instructions to end the search. It is unsure as to whether or not the suspect made it out alive.

A 17-year-old boy who was very shy to talk on the record with the Guardian Media said he was at home when he was called out by villagers to help in the search by diving into the waters to help the police look for the suspect.

He said he was offered money but ended up disappointed when he realised that the team of police officers left without giving him a dollar.

"I could have been home hustling but I came and dive in and swim under the lilies to help search for the man but ain't see him. That river full of Capybara and Huille (which is a very large water snake) but I accustomed to swimming and bathing in the river, " the teenager said.

- by Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant

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