Man kills himself after beating woman to near death

Having been beaten for almost three minutes with a gun butt to her head, female taxi driver Kemba Olufemi remains warded in a critical condition at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Her assailant, Llyod Logan, 60, who was captured on footage beating her mercilessly, died after he ingested a poisonous substance.

Police said around 11:40 am, Olufemi, 37, was sitting in a parked car at Tropical Plaza in Marabella when she got into with Logan, who was standing next to the car. Logan was seen dragging Olufemi out of the car.

He then whipped out a gun and fired two shots at Olufemi’s car.

He then proceeded to beat her on the head with the gun butt.

A bleeding Olufemi ran for help and collapsed at the entrance of the plaza’s door. Lloyd then went back to his car and allegedly ingested a green substance from a small bottle.

Witnesses said security guards employed at Tropical Plaza hid in their booths when the gunfire went off.

They did not offer any immediate assistance to Olufemi. San Fernando Police are continuing investigations.

Source: (Radhica De Silva)

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