Man shot, dumped in Couva

The body of an unidentified man was found in Couva yesterday.

A photo was shared on social media showing the victim’s head almost severed from the body.

According to a police report, at about 8 am a passerby notified police officers that they found a body of a man lying face up at the side of the road at Exchange Branch Road.

The man was dressed in a pair of long blue jeans, a light blue vest and a plaid blue, white and khaki coloured short-sleeved shirt.

Police found several spent 9 mm casings near the body.

A party of police officers from the Central Division’s Task Force, Couva CID and Couva Police Station responded to the scene.

The body was viewed by a District Medical Officer and removed to the Forensic Science Centre, St James where an autopsy will be done once the body is identified.

Police are asking members of the public who can assist in identifying the body to come forward. They can contact 636-2333. The killing took the number of people 133.

In a separate shooting incident, at about 9 pm Garvin Leacock, 29, and Nolan Roach, 39, were both shot and wounded in a drive-by shooting which took place in Gonzales, on Saturday.

Both men are warded in stable condition at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital. Police are yet to determine a motive for that shooting.

Investigations are continuing.

Source: (Rhondor Dowlat)

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