Man in viral video stomping on man in drain charged with murder

Monday, August 7, 2017 - 14:45

A man viewed in a viral video that circulated on social media stomping on another man who had fallen into a drain after being chased by armed men, has been charged with murder.

The victim was Akeno Thomas.

The incident took place along Pentecostal Road, El Dorado, on Thursday 27th July, 2017. 

Kareen Richardson, 20 of Beetham Gardens, Port of Spain, was also charged with possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition, after advice was received from Director of Public Prosecutions, Roger Gaspard, SC, Friday 4th August, 2017.

Thomas, 36, of Lackpat Road, El Dorado, was at Pentecostal Road, El Dorado, around 9:15 am on Thursday 27th July, 2017, when he was shot at by two armed men.

He was hit in the thigh and fell into a drain as a result of the injury.

One of the assailants then jumped into the drain and proceeded to stomp the victim’s head and body.

Thomas was taken to hospital where he died on July 28th, 2017.

Richardson was charged by Cpl Shawn Jones, of Homicide Region 2, on Monday 7th August, 2017.